Volunteer Opportunities

Want to get a free ticket? 

Easy!  Volunteer for the tour and get to know your neighbors’ nests for free!  Volunteers are still needed!  Opportunities include taking a shift as a house greeter, hosting a directional sign in your yard, helping with set up and take down, getting sponsorships, and distributing flyers.  Wanna volunteer, spread the word, and love to dance?  Volunteer to be a Disco Directional (ok, hold a sign and dance) on the day of the event.  Donations are of course also always very much appreciated.

Contact Lake Claire Neighbors VP of Fun(d)raising, Sara Rockaway at fun@lakeclaire.org.  Visit LakeClaireHomeTour.com, LakeClaire.org, or on our Lake Claire Tour of Homes Facebook page  for more information.  The Lake Claire Home & Garden Tour is a project of the neighborhood association, Lake Claire Neighbors, Inc. (LCN).